Unusual Tomato Variety Pack

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This pack is brimming with diversity, offering the most unique tomatoes from Franken Farm's collection of rare, endangered and heirloom varieties. Each variety offers a distinct shape and colour of tomato. Guaranteed to garner "oohs and aahs" from every visitor to your garden. Varieties included:

1) Banana Legs. This bushy tomato produces huge clusters of vibrant tomatoes that resemble a banana in shape and colour. The tomatoes are incredibly juicy with a distinct fruitiness, delicious fresh off the vine or in salsas and salads. Determinate, minimum 30 seeds.

2) Blueberry. A prolific cherry tomato that ripens to half black-blue, half vivid orange. If staked and pruned, this plant can grow over 10 feet tall. This one a customer favourite, a consistent top-seller for Franken Farm. Indeterminate, minimum 30 seeds.

3) Black Ruffle. Produces chocolatey-purple tomatoes with ridged or "ruffled" edges. It is a stabilized cross between tomatoes from the Zapotec people of Mexico, and tomatoes from the Isle of Krim in the Black Sea. Indeterminate, minimum 30 seeds.

4) Reisetomate. A delicious oddity, this tomato grows in distinct sections that can be pulled apart by hand. If you are familiar with the way a tomato plant grows, you will notice that this tomato likes to sprout leaves and branches where you wouldn't expect them, and grow fused blossoms into alien clusters of tomatoes. It can be a tad hard to work with- one reason why this tomato is endangered- but its totally weird nature will charm you in no time. Indeterminate, minimum 30 seeds.

5) Striped Cavern. Bred to imitate a bell pepper, this tomato is bright red with orange stripes- and hollow! It has firm walls and almost no juice, meaning you can stuff and bake them just like a pepper. This plant really likes the heat/shelter of a greenhouse or cover. Indeterminate, minimum 30 seeds.

Grown organically with love and tenderness in the Bruce Peninsula, Ontario, Canada, in the summer of 2022. All open pollinated. Germination tested.