Savignac Tomato

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This variety originates from Quebec and is well-suited to a cool climate and short season. It produces light red tomatoes which average about the size of a tennis ball. This tomato can fill every role in the kitchen and the incredibly tall plants are productive all season, making it perfect for the backyard gardener who wants to maximize their space. This plant appreciates a lot of water. Indeterminate and open pollinated.

In the 1950s Father Armand Savignac fell so in love with this plant that he abandoned all other varieties of tomato and devoted himself to the Savignac, leading to a surge in its popularity. 70 years later, this tomato is in danger of going extinct along with so many other heirloom varieties. Connect with Canadian history and help in the fight to preserve tomato diversity by growing Savignac tomatoes.

Grown organically with love and tenderness in the Bruce Peninsula, Ontario, Canada, in the summer of 2022. Germination tested December 2023. Minimum 30 seeds.