Peach Sugar Rush Pepper

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A delectably crunchy, fruity hot pepper that rates 50,000-100,000 on the Scoville heat scale; a perfect substitute for jalapenos if you like an extra kick. Peppers are about 3 inches in length and ripen from yellow to orange (note that it takes quite a long time for them to turn fully orange, but they are edible and delicious when yellow as well). This was the biggest and most productive pepper variety I have grown, reaching about 3 feet tall and wide and absolutely laden with fruit. As with all peppers, it requires healthy soil, full sun and ample watering. Open-pollinated.

Grown organically with love and tenderness in the Bruce Peninsula, Ontario, Canada, in the summer of 2023. Isolated from other pepper varieties. Germination tested. Minimum 30 seeds.