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Cucamelon, Melothria Scabrais an adorable, crunchy fruit that looks like a miniature watermelon and tastes like a citrus-y cucumber. They are also known as pepquinos or "mouse melons" and are the perfect fresh garden snack. They can also be pickled and will taste similar to pickles made from cucumbers. 

This plant produces delicate vines which will quickly creep and crawl in every direction. It requires some form of trellis but is not picky about the size or shape and will fill any space it is given. Start cucamelon seeds indoors at least four weeks before the last frost and use patience when hardening them for outdoor transplantation. They are heat-loving plants and will perform best if transplanted when overnight temperatures are consistently over ten degrees. A simple way to supply heat to your cucamelon transplant is to place a brick near it, which will absorb heat and transfer it to the roots, especially overnight. 

Grown organically with love and tenderness in the Bruce Peninsula, Ontario, Canada, in the summer of 2023. Germination tested. Minimum 30 seeds.