Chef's Tomatoes Variety Pack

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This variety pack is crafted to ensure you have every type of tomato you need to fulfill all your kitchen projects this year. Each of these varieties is specially bred for their culinary niche, a luxury you can't find at the grocery store. Here are the varieties included, as well as their best uses.

1) Druzba. Every home cook needs a tomato plant that produces a huge bounty of big, tasty, round, red tomatoes! This variety was passed on to me by a lifelong market gardener, telling me it was his most reliable, productive, and versatile tomato variety. Good for sauces, salsas, and canning. Indeterminate, minimum 30 seeds.

2) Ropreco Paste. This tomato is perfectly bred for producing pastes and ketchups, in more ways than one. The tomatoes are firm and dense, and the plant produces 2-3 large harvests than can be harvested and processed efficiently. A relatively small, determinate tomato that needs little staking or pruning. Minimum 30 seeds.

3) Gardener's Sweetheart. As the name implies, this cherry tomato is abundant and easy-to-grow. Huge strands of cherry tomatoes will appear from early in the season until the first frost, meaning you can grab a fresh bowlful each day. Perfect for salads and dip platters- if you can resist eating them straight off the plant. Indeterminate, minimum 30 seeds.

4) Striped Cavern. Bred to imitate a bell pepper, this tomato is bright red with orange stripes- and hollow! It has firm walls and almost no juice, meaning you can cut the top and core off just like a pepper. You're left with a perfectly stuffable tomato that holds it shape and becomes tender when baked. Freezes extremely well. This plant really likes the heat/shelter of a greenhouse or cover. Minimum 30 seeds.

5) Costoluto Genovese. An incredibly tender variety of Italian heirloom tomato that has a "ruffled" or "accordion" shape (see photos). These tomatoes make for a show-stopping slicer at a summer picnic, but they are also versatile in the kitchen and make a wonderful canning tomato. Blemish and crack-resistant. Minimum 30 seeds.

Grown organically with love and tenderness in the Bruce Peninsula, Ontario, Canada, in the summer of 2022. All open pollinated. Germination tested.