Burgundy Amaranth

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A stunningly dramatic plant with a multitude of uses. Burgundy Amaranth reaches over 6 feet tall in a single season and produces vibrant edible leaves and big fluffy seed heads that can be harvested for nutritious grain. Tilling amaranth plants into the soil in late fall provides a healthy amendment for the following year. This triple threat of beauty, food and soil health is the plant you never knew you needed. 

Note that leaves are best when under 2 inches long, and become bitter and woody once the seed head has begun growing. I sow my amaranth very thickly via scatter seeding. I then harvest and eat tender shoots (under 1 foot) gradually, thinning out the crop as I go. Once I am left with only plants spaced a foot apart, I leave them alone to produce a seed head. 

Grown organically with love and tenderness in the Bruce Peninsula, Ontario, Canada, in the summer of 2022. Germination tested December 2023. Minimum 150 seeds.